Sophia’s mother, a Pharmacist, owns a pharmacy store in Larissa, Greece, since 1979. During her career she has developed several formulas (both pharmaceutical and cosmetic) for skin treatment and care. She used her scientific expertise and renowned Greek and Mediterranean herbs as add ups for her formulas. Her hand made face cream with Greek oregano extract has been used by her female clients for more than 20 years and the results are outstanding.

Dr. Michael Zaganas, a Medical Doctor, has contributed immensely to the research, using his experience and scientific knowledge. Over the years the formula has been improved according to the feedback and the results. Dr. Zaganas is strongly recommending the use of the face cream for its rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect.

Sophia is a Chemist and a Cosmetologist. She has been evaluating her mother’s face cream for some time. She has developed the formula for her own cream, working with premium ingredients and adapting it to contemporary cosmetology. She observed the industry standards, simultaneously staying confident in the miraculous advantages of the Greek oregano extract. Finally, she came up with this series of skincare products, based on Greek oregano extract, in order to share this miracle with the women of the world.